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Refer a friend offers a reference program!
It's a win-win
Have we made your nights better?
Now it's time to share it with your friends,
your family and even your work colleagues.

Refer a friend and receive a gift card!

Think of your friends (family, work colleague, neighbour, ...) who could benefit from a better night's sleep, you can help them!
a better night's sleep, you can help them!

Tell them about your experience with your mattress, they will get a discount and
discount and you will get a gift card.

All your friend has to do is buy one of the following mattresses:

  • Source
  • Evolution
  • 100% Latex Talalay

and that he/she mentions your name at the time of purchase (offer valid on the phone or in
or in the shop).

Your friend will receive a discount on their mattress:

  • A $50 discount if the mattress purchased is a Double, Double XL,
    Queen or King
  • A $30 discount if the mattress purchased is ½ Queen, Single or
    Single XL

You will receive a gift card by email of the same value as the discount offered
to your friend. This gift card will be applicable on your next purchase.
There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
The more you make, the more gift cards you will receive!

PS: You must have already made a purchase at before and therefore have a
therefore have a customer file. Thank you for continuing to trust us!

The team

Questions & Answers




Q: Should I try out my mattress before buying?

A: In a word: no. We've designed our mattresses to be universally comfortable, and we're confident you'll love yours. You do, however, benefit from a 100-day trial period.

We have created a questionnaire to help you choose your mattress.  


Q: Is there an adaptation period?

A: The human body reacts differently to changes, so you may need a few days to get used to your new mattress. The majority of our customers find that they are comfortable the first night.

Your mattress is vacuum-packed the day before delivery. It's best to unpack your mattress as soon as you receive it, as your comfort guarantee begins on this date. If you need to keep your mattress in a box, we advise you not to exceed one month.

Q: Do the mattresses smell after unpacking?

A: A slight odor upon unpacking is normal! This is true of all pressure-reducing foam mattresses. Rest assured that this odor will dissipate quickly and, above all, that it is neither toxic nor dangerous to your health. If it bothers you, after unpacking your mattress, simply leave it uncovered in a ventilated room and in no time at all it will be gone.

Q: Will your mattress lose its original shape?

A: mattresses are made of high-quality materials that resist sagging for a long time. See our guarantees page


Q: What is the maximum weight?

A: The mattresses have been designed to support a weight of 300 pounds per person. For optimal performance, we recommend the mattress for individuals under 300 pounds.

For people over 300 pounds, we invite you to contact us. We will be able to customize a mattress that will suit you. We have a lot of experience in adapting mattresses and we can do it at a low cost.

Q: I have specific health problems. Are mattresses right for me?

A: We may know of other customers in a similar situation to yours, and we can testify to their experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-715-8886.



Q: Can I use a conventional bed base?

A : Yes. In most cases, a bed base will be with you for most of your life.

If its surface does not provide enough support, you can supplement it with a simple ¼ inch plywood.

If you're not sure, talk to us.
So you can use your mattress on a platform, on any slatted base (spacing between slats should be no more than 3.5") - or on a sprung base with plywood.
Once the mattress is out of its transport box, it will be ready to use in just a few minutes.

Q: Can I use an adjustable bed base?

A: Yes, all the mattresses we manufacture are designed to be used with an adjustable bed base. To purchase an adjustable bed base, please contact our team of advisors or visit our articulated bed comparison


Q: What are's warranties?A: See our warranties page for full product details.


Q: What are the delivery options?A: Delivery to your door is free! For more information on delivery, please see our delivery page. For a VIP delivery service, please see our VIP delivery page.


Q: My mattress is uneven. What should I do?

A: This is almost always due to the surface on which the mattress rests. If you encounter a problem of this type, we recommend that you test the mattress evenness directly on the floor. If you find that this corrects the unevenness, you need to assess whether your box spring or bed base is damaged. If your mattress still feels uneven on the floor, contact us immediately.

Q: How do I make a return?
A: Visit our returns page


Q: What are the environmental certifications?A: All the foams used in our mattresses are Certipur-US certified, which represents the highest standard in the field. This certifies that they are harmless to the environment and to human health. For more details, visit our environment page.