About Bleu.eco

Bleu.eco is...


  • A company that cares about the quality of its products, the satisfaction of its customers and the respect of the environment.

Bleu.eco is also...

  • A young and dynamic company, founded in 2006. It operates in the field of online and retail trade and already has thousands of satisfied customers.

Bleu.eco is above all...

  • A family business. It is with pride that we welcome you to the Bleu.eco family!

The best mattress starts with the best materials. We prefer environmentally friendly, local, ethically sourced materials that create a healthy sleeping environment.


Our mission?



Bleu.eco designs high-end, durable and reasonably priced products in Quebec. All the foams used are ecological, made in large part with natural raw materials. We use 100% organic cotton. Our products are carbon neutral.



Our vision?



Our vision is to be a leader in the field of eco-responsible mattresses and pillows. We want to continue to offer our Quebec and Canadian customers superior quality products while respecting the environment.


Our goal?



To offer eco-responsible products in order to reduce the ecological footprint of our customers. The quality and comfort of our products are also important to us. Indeed, we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases.


ForWhy choose us?



Customers choose us for the quality of our products and our commitment to the environment. Our products are made in Quebec from superior quality materials and are also eco-responsible. By purchasing a mattress or pillow from Bleu.eco, you are contributing to the protection of the environment.


Our customers?
Overall, our products take into consideration the needs of children and adults. We offer baby mattresses, children's mattresses and pillows, and of course a range of products for adults as well as adjustable beds. All of this is 100% made in Quebec (the production plant is located in Saint-Hyacinthe in the Montérégie region). We have at heart the well-being of our customers.




Our team?


Our team is made up of experienced mattress and pillow professionals. Our expertise ranges from design to customer service to local manufacturing. When you contact us, you will find experienced, respectful advisors who listen to your needs. We care about our customers' well-being and we do everything in our power to offer them superior quality products. You will therefore have a pleasant and personalized experience when you visit our store or when you call us.

Tree planting with the NPO Arbre.eco and the CCCPEM of


Bleu.eco reforests the region

Maskoutains will be happy to know that for each mattress it delivers, the company plants three trees in Quebec, but more often than not in the Saint-Hyacinthe region. This desire to get involved and to ensure a dynamic presence in the community is also reflected in Bleu.eco's business and development plan. "Unlike most manufacturers, we are not aiming to expand our market to new geographical areas or internationally, but rather to do better locally and regionally," explains Mr. Lapointe. Read more

Green materials

Designed to last

We are committed to protecting the environment. That's why we do everything in our power to reduce our ecological footprint. By buying a mattress or a pillow from Bleu.eco, you contribute to the protection of the environment.


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Bleu.eco store and factory, St-Hyacinthe

A beautiful story

100% Quebecois

In addition to selling mattresses and pillows online, we have a boutique located in St-Hyacinthe. This is where we have the opportunity to meet our customers, answer their questions and build relationships with them.


The production plant is also located in Saint-Hyacinthe in Montérégie. We have at heart to work close to our customers, that's why everything is 100% made in Quebec.


Learn more about our presence in St-Hyacinthe...



A family business committed to the regional economy  

The path taken by Bleu.eco since its creation in 2006 can be measured in a saving of several thousand kilometres. By switching from importing Brazilian pillows to producing and sourcing mattresses and bedding products locally, the Saint-Hyacinthe-based company has completely changed its value system.

Bleu.eco's ecological and local commitment is built into its name. However, the 45-employee SME has not always had these concerns. Three years after opening, the young company, which had been selling mainly imported pillows from Brazil to retailers, decided to manufacture some of its products. "We looked for a local supply of our raw materials. One thing led to another and the market opened up," says president Richard Lapointe. Two years later, the team began manufacturing mattresses, which today make up 70% of its sales, ahead of box springs (20%), articulated beds (10%) and pillows.... read more

Family photo taken at the opening of the St-Hyacinthe factory-store

In short...

Bleu.eco designs high-end, durable and reasonably priced products in St-Hyacinthe. All the foams used are ecological and composed in large part with natural components. The company uses organic cotton and its major suppliers are from Quebec and operate within 60 km of its factory. Its products are vegan and carbon neutral and it plants three trees for each mattress sold to reduce its environmental footprint.

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