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So far, our business has essentially grown thanks to word of mouth.

People who like our mattresses do not hesitate to recommend them to their loved ones and, to encourage them, we have set up an SEO program. Dozens of our clients have already benefited ;-)

Find out what our guests have to say about their experience after a few nights sleep!

Based on 362 reviews
We love!

Super confo, breathe well, very satisfied with our purchase.

An excellent mattress

I bought blueeco a little over two weeks ago and my back pain has disappeared like magic. The only reason I do not give a 5 * is that I find the mattress a bit too firm. I have a hip a little sensitive in the morning. But maybe I'll get used to it over time. In any case, not enough to return the mattress. On the whole, I am very satisfied and I am happy to have been able to encourage a québecoise and environmentally conscious company.

The Junior
Very satisfied

I bought this mattress for my baby, to make him a bed on the floor. I am very satisfied for the moment: comfortable but not too soft, the cover is very convenient if we had an accident. Very good customer service too, delivery to my door on the 2nd floor. Thank you!

The 100% Talalay Latex

Super pillow


I am really impressed!

We ordered the kids model by trusting the comments of satisfied customers and we did well!

We now want one for us! It arrives in a box with a small tool to easily unpack since it is vacuum packed. Once relaxed, it takes its shape really quickly and it's super mellow, but the foam is very dense. It is already in an impermeable cover, we only have to close the closed closure. There is no smell!

My other kids are a little jealous of their sister's mattress, I would say even we too! haha

She feels like sleeping on a cloud! I recommend X1000 these mattresses, because in addition to being of quality (as much for the product as for the service), it is made in Quà © bec (Saint-Hyacinthe) with ecological materials. We can try it 100 days and return our purchase if we do not like it. It also comes with a 10 year warranty. So we do not have much to lose by trusting them and once we have seen in real life, we understand why they offer it! They must not receive much return!

Good luck to this beautiful company! We have enough to be proud that they are Quà © bec!

The Bleueco

I am delighted with the Bleu Écho mattress as well as the pillow. It's a pleasure every night to slip in. However, it is unfortunate that you are offering the quality pintle spring that I bought from you.

The Topaz

Super mattress

Very satisfied with my purchase. Perfect sleep in this type of mattress. Thank you!

Recommendation, for improving the pillow.

Ultra comfortable !! My 3 year old boy says that's a real princess bed !! Hihih! Fast delivery and excellent customer service.


A little hard. I'm not used to it yet. It is possible that it is the included mattress protector that decreases the comfort

Despite the period of adaptation, it is clear that the quality of our new mattress does not compare to what we had before! Very satisfied with our co-responsible purchase, my boyfriend and me. We are proud to encourage a company here that focuses on the environment in many ways. I spread the word as much as I can, you deserve your popularity.

Eco Blue Appreciation

dream to angels The difference new habit

I am very comfortable, no more back pain at wake up!

Well appreciated the packaging upon delivery, easy to install.

Very satisfied!

It was good!

Great ! thank you

I have only one regret ... to have waited so long before getting one. I do not have any more pain in the back in the morning.

Absolute comfort

The Topaz

The new mattress suits me perfectly. I can only thank them! "

An ultra comfortable mattress.

I found my latex mattress a bit soft for my comfort, without hesitation, Bleu.eco has changed it for a mattress a little more "hard" "... They have an outstanding service !

I love it!

Eco Eco local and comfortable

When it is possible to combine comfort with a local product it's always a winning formula for me and with my Bleu Eco, I found a mattress that I love in addition to encouraging a Quebec company . Congratulations for the quality and long life at Bleu Eco.


Well so far, I'm still at the stage of thickening the thicknesses.I'll start my third week with the addition of the second layer.

Everything is very comfortable.

Opal pillow

Comfortable and light I love it

Satisfied customer!

I have been sleeping on this mattress for about ten days, and I am very satisfied with it, I get up less bent, and I wake up less often.

Thank you to all the team for your welcome and your advice. I recommend you everywhere during mattress discussions.

Surprising comfort

Very satisfied