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A mattress customized to your needs,it's cheaper and easier than you think!

A mattress customized to your needs is cheaper and easier than you think!

We manufacture bariatric mattresses, adapted mattresses, custom mattresses, medical mattresses, etc.

We have great experience in customizing our mattresses for customers living in special situations.

Naturally, we invite you to contact us to know more, because we must work together to determine the solution which will suit your means and which will offer you the most comfort.

Here are some examples of customization options we can do for you.

Examples of customizations

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We manufacture bariatric mattresses, mattresses, custom mattresses, medical mattresses, zedbed, happiness mattresses, dolphin mattresses,

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My background: I had an accident that compromised my physical health on the left side of my body. During all the months of follow-up of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, the operation and my rehabilitation, pains remained important in spite of a heavy medication. It was impossible for me to find a comfortable position to sleep again. Each movement in the bed increased the pain, each point of support intensified it and prevented me from recovering and finding rest.
The modifications made it possible to optimize my comfort while making my mattress adjustable exactly at the places of my pain points. WOW, I can say now that I have a custom made therapeutic mattress!

He raised a challenge, brilliantly! At that moment, I saw someone passionate who believes in his product and who is willing to go further in the service / customer experience. I felt his concern to help me and the desire to find a solution. Any challenge, to find a way to adapt his mattress in relation to specific physical problems.

I feel privileged to have had this service thanks to its openness, its listening, its passion, its perseverance, its sense of initiative, but above all the well-being that it gives above all to its client. In addition, it is a Quebec product of our home, the MASKOUTAINS ... we have something to be proud of, naming it when someone makes a good shot and a good product!

Since then, I already have several hours of sleep under my belt. Of course, it is not perfect but, I can find much better rest than before! ... And it contributes greatly to a better management of my physical and psychological health, and to accept and learn now to live with pain, sequelae and limitations.
I can say that life is still beautiful and worthwhile despite the hardships encountered, because we make beautiful encounters on our way that are worth it ...


- Francine Vincent

CAREGIVERS - the bed, a tool

My spouse is at home, and I wanted to change the mattress cover of his bed, when a friend tells me about Bleueco of Saint-Hyacinthe. I meet the owner Mr. Lapointe, talk to him about my bed problem articulated, cover not very comfortable, wet, etc ...

Throughout this meeting, he advises me on the best cover adapted to this bed resting condition. A purchase that I consider more important than a car, so it corresponded to a real need.

Since then, the mattress that has several years of bedrest wear has to be changed. I recontact Mr. Lapointe who, again, advises me on all levels on the importance of the different layers of 'foam' as on the base of the side to allow to get up more easily from the bed, without needing help practically. It is an investment in COMFORT for my spouse, this mattress with this cover.

This company manufactures mattresses, pillows, bedding, clothing, bed bases, etc., in other words all that corresponds to the needs of the caregiver.

Speak with Mr. Lapointe about your need, he will invent a solution in addition to creating it.

- Louise Girard


We bought a mattress at your home last week. This mattress has been modified at the shoulder. I write to give you brief news. For now I notice that I sleep more deeply. It's a good sign.

Several years ago I only slept superficially. My muscles are less sore than when I slept in my old bed. So the pressure points are less present the traffic is better. On the other hand, my problem of blocking one of my vertebrae at the back is always recurring. What gives a few nights are more difficult than any other view that the musculoskeletal system are closely related. I keep trying the bed, but there is a good chance this bed suits me.

Thank you for your service and your availability and attention to my problem that we granted you with great kindness

– Celine Bachand