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Livraison gratuite en 48 heures

48 hours, it's fast!

Delivery is always free, but if you pick up your mattress, you'll save $ 50. The delivery box is small enough to fit in a small car. To learn more about this offer and access the instant discount, click here.Schedule deliveryTo choose a specific delivery date (weekdays only), we will contact you after receiving your order. We will then make the necessary adjustments to ensure delivery on the requested date. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email and a tracking number. However, we have no control over the time of delivery.

Do you live outside Quebec?
If you live outside the province, we will also be able to make your delivery because we use a national carrier service. For more information about this, contact us.

We deliver where you want
If you can not be home to receive your order, it can be delivered to your place of work, at a neighbor's house or elsewhere, and indicate this delivery address. In short, you will not need to miss a day of work.

Packing and unpacking
All blue.eco mattresses are packaged in a 40.6 cm (16 ") wide x 40.6 cm (16") recycled box. The height varies according to the mattress, between 94 cm (37 in) and 152 cm (60 in).The mattress is compressed and then rolled mechanically. It is then introduced into a plastic tube and boxed.Once the mattress is out of the box, it will be ready for use in minutes. Just place the mattress on your bed and use a tool (that we provide you) to cut the plastic tube that covers it. The mattress will be usable immediately and will resume its final shape in a few hours.

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