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I tried the mattress in a box ...

Posted by Justin Lapointe on

by Sylvie Charbonneau, January 22, 2018


After another bad night for my back, I wake up one morning determined to change my mattress.

Tired of waking up in the morning with a stiff neck and a back that takes all its time to unfold completely. Yet, I do my yoga! Yet, I do my stretches daily. Yet, I changed at least 8 times of pillows, to try to remedy the situation. So, after all this, I am determined to go to the source of the problem: we change the mattress!

This time, I wanted to buy different: the mattresses in a box (bed in a box) intrigued me for a long time. [** see note at the end of the article]

I already knew the mattresses in a box, the few American brands that sell online and are starting to break into the market in Canada, but I wanted to buy local. Well resolved to go see what is happening in Quebec on this side, I sit in front of my computer and a few clicks later, I discover bleu.eco.

The concept is interesting: a foam mattress that we buy online and then delivered to us in a box. Rather than spending a few Saturday afternoons browsing the merchants to try mattresses, it is now possible to shop and order your mattress in just a few clicks, and believe the many comments, the formula pleases ... and mattresses as well!

The qualities I was looking for my future mattress

In terms of mattresses, I had already tried several years ago, when my daughter had gone to an apartment. So, I knew what is selling in the market, comfort levels and price ranges. Spring mattress, latex mattress, foam mattress: each has its advantages and all come in different models for small and large budgets. Then come our personal tastes.

What I was looking for my mattress to me?

Of course, comfort and a respite for my back pain! As well as a good price-quality ratio. But not only that ... there were also things I did NOT want to find in my mattress.

A mattress in a box that is rather green!

I wanted a mattress as "green" as possible, without flame retardant (brominated flame retardants), which are known to be endocrine disruptors: their effects can affect the hormonal functioning, including that of the thyroid. And I wanted to find a mattress without products harmful to the environment, or with the least possible of these products.

I also wanted a mattress that keeps me cool at night: you know, (I'm talking mostly to girls, here!) There are times in our lives where we-we-too-hot at night, and that prevents us from getting back to sleep. So, for me, no question of spending my nights on a mattress that does not "breathe".

The mattress offered by bleu.eco seemed to bring together the qualities I was looking for:

  • A high quality foam mattress, which eliminates pressure points: excellent for my lumbar region!
  • A high density natural memory foam: it will keep its shape for years (no "hollow" in the middle of the bed).
  • The mattress foams and upholstery covers do not contain any fire retardant, CFC-HCFCs, often used in the manufacture of mattresses, harmful to our health and the environment.
  • A foam that keeps the body cool, thanks to a layer of breathable gelflex.

In addition, the company wants to reduce its ecological footprint: for each mattress sold, bleu.eco will plant 3 trees. The trees for the mattresses sold during the year 2017 will be planted in the spring of 2018: the company will also document the event, with photos in support.

It's also a factor that has charmed me.

Buy without trying?

Even if I consider myself an informed consumer, who inquires a lot before buying (ask Cheri: I consult articles and I research, before making my choices!), Buy a mattress in line without trying it, it's still a little insecure.

To make us more comfortable with this, bleu.eco offers us:

  • A trial period of 100 nights: their mattresses are designed to offer universal comfort and this trial period is here to allow us to test it.
  • An information telephone service: the website contains a lot of detailed information and if we still have some questions, the staff is easy to reach to provide answers.

A mattress in a box delivered to my door

Once the mattress bought online, I just have to wait.

In less than 4 days, my mattress arrives: a mattress in a box, a beautiful big box, that the friendly deliveryman climbs up my few steps.

All that remained was to put the box in the room and open the whole thing.

What is done in no time:

  • The mattress is wrapped in plastic, which is detached with the small tool provided in the packaging: no danger of damaging our new mattress.
  • Even if the mattress is heavy (about 80 pounds: it's high quality foam!) It is easy to unwind and resumes its shape instantly.

A few minutes later, my mattress is already installed on my bed base. It has a beautiful look, by the way, with its cover in eucalyptus fiber, and fits very well with the decor!

What I liked about the experience "mattress in a box" >>:

My experience with bleu.eco was perfect in every way. My nights are now cool, comfortably wrapped in my blankets, resting on this foam mattress that takes care of my back.

Here are some things that made the difference for me:

  • The customer experience: Very wise advice, quick communication and a really nice touch.
  • Buying: It is very easy to choose your mattress using the information on the site. In addition, if we hesitate, we can easily reach the owners who can advise us according to our needs.
  • The mattress: Very comfortable, excellent firmness to support my back.
    No smell: Some pillows or foam mattresses emit a smell when unpacked and must then let them air a few days. These smells have always incommoded me. However, the Bleueco mattress does not emit any smell: we can sleep there immediately.
  • A company that has the heart: It is involved in a project to bring 40 mattresses and pillows to abandoned children or orphans in Haiti. The mattresses are offered at the Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Children's Home in Croix-des-Bouquets, which houses, feeds and educates about 100 abandoned or orphaned children aged between 1 and 18 years old. This project was not done through the charity Fendli.
  • Eco-friendly: Bleueco mattresses are concerned about taking care of the planet and for me, it's one more criterion to choose them. No fireproof products in this mattress or in the 2 covers provided; no CFC-HCFCs harmful to the environment; a recycled cardboard packaging box and a program to reduce their ecological footprint.

I wish you nights as beautiful as mine!


** Thanks to bleu.eco for sponsoring this article and allowing me to test their mattress.

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