Doing your bit for the environment is easy!

The morning looked very nice when we arrived at Verger St-François, in Saint-Pie, in the Saint-Hyacinthe region, on May 30. Participating in the planting of 300 trees is great, but when we do it for a cause, it's even better! So I was very proud to be a volunteer to help plant no less than 300 trees that day! There were about 15 of us from St. Pie, Longueuil and St. Hyacinthe who participated in this activity organized by is an organization whose primary mission is the planting of trees purchased by eco-responsible businesses and committed citizens, then planted by volunteers. The president of the organization, Jacques Tétreault from Maskoutain, was on hand that Sunday to see the progress of the planting. What is very interesting is to note the beautiful complicity that exists between the organization and its main sponsor, the manufacturer of ecological mattresses 100% Quebec, tree plantation


We therefore set about planting 150 red pines and 150 spruces, thus creating a windbreak for the Verger St-François, an important environmental action. Because we have to protect these apples! Yummy! Well, enough of the greediness, it is especially important to mention that the planting of these 300 trees represents the sale of 100 mattresses because for each mattress sold, 3 trees are planted through Wow! What a great idea! tree plantation

This is a gesture that is particularly dear to the hearts of's shareholders, who place the environment at the forefront of all aspects of their company. is carbon neutral, in addition to using raw materials from natural and organic resources in the manufacture of its 100% Quebec-based mattresses. It makes you want to fall asleep on one of their products!

I went home in the early afternoon, realising that there really are lots of little things that everyone can do to enrich the planet's biodiversity and reduce our environmental footprint... Everyone can do their bit... even by buying a mattress!

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