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A mattress in a box !!! - a guy a father

Posted by Justin Lapointe on


"If you remember, we had a small accident that forced us to throw the mattress of our Big Son and make him sleep on an inflatable mattress. After a few weeks and several searches, we decided to order a "boxed" mattress by mail. Since that time, of course, we have received it.

Many of you have written to me privately to find out how Grand Son found his new foam mattress. Some have had scoops in the last two weeks before I talk about it on this page !!! : P If you do not know this type of product, I put a little video to show you what it's like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agMKwcsdefs&feature=youtu.bea look when it happens, in a box. I found it really fascinating!

We did not know anything about the foam mattresses delivered this way and we had some reluctance in not having tried it before ... That's why I did not name the company we bought it from before have tried, in case we do not like the product.

I can now tell you that we are VERY satisfied with this Quebec mattress, manufactured by bleu.eco. It offers a good support for children, it is just soft enough, it is super easy, it is ready instantly and it is of an irreproachable quality (it is heavier than average, precisely because of the quality of the foams used, sign that it will not sag).

Add to that that it is a beautiful family business very human, that they work only with ecological foams, that all their main suppliers are Quebec, that they plant 3 trees for each mattress sold, that they offer financing up to 60 months (including 0% over 12 months, which gives a boost!) so there are plenty of good reasons to trust them.

In short, we do not regret our choice a second and Grand Son would not come back with his inflatable mattress, I swear! : P

And finally, no I did not forget you ... I told you that if we liked our mattress, we would work to build a beautiful partnership with them and that's what we will do.

Get ready because I'm going to announce something really cool for you soon. "


Go visit his page, we are in total love with his family and their adventures!


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